About Us

Owner Richard G. Beinhauer has a long-term personal commitment to the Aerospace industry.

Rich Beinhauer has served as President and CEO of M&R Precision Machining since 1995. Following in the footsteps of his father who founded the company in 1973, the second generation of his family to provide more than 45 years of excellence in high precision machining.

Rich’s interest in Aerospace began at age 6 from the influence of his grandfather and uncle. Rich’s uncle owns an International Aviation Museum in Germany, which he has operated for the past 40 years.

Rich has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Mechanical Design and Drafting from Northern Illinois University, where he served as a Mechanical Engineering Department Mentor. Rich also served as a pilot in the Northern Illinois University Huskies Flying Club.

Rich received his Private Pilot’s license in 1989. He is Instrument Rated and licensed to fly Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Instrument Aircraft. Rich is a member of several aviation organizations, including:

  • Antique Aircraft Association (AAA)
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  • International Aerobatic Club (IAC)
  • Vintage Aircraft Association (VAA)

Rich’s hobbies include World War I aviation history and aircraft restoration. Rich’s current restoration projects include the following antique aircraft, which are being restored to flyable condition:

  • 1918 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D
  • 1928 Alexander Eaglerock A3
  • 1929 Waco GXE
  • 1929 Curtiss Robin #24
  • 1931 Brunner Winkle Bird CK
  • 1942 Piper L4B
  • 1928 Brunner Winkle Bird A
  • 1928 Waco GXE
  • 1929 Waco BSO
  • 1929 Curtiss Robin #215
  • 1941 Piper J3
  • 1943 Piper L4H